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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gypsy Jane

The girls decided to write a play and it was pretty hilarious.  It was about a lame mother (Karis), a gyspy thief (Karlie), and two daughters, Belle (Susanna) and Mary (Abbi).  Susanna got so excited about it that she stole all of Karis's lines but she was so dramatic that it was hilarious and all the girls just rolled laughing at her.   The girls were so excited about their play that they did two performances and charged 50 cents a ticket (which they promptly gave to the baby bottle campaign for our local Women's Center).  Karis and Karlie also each wrote a song about it and they all danced around the house singing it for days.  I decided to type out their songs so they could look back and remember the fun time they had with their play:

  Gypsie Jane by Karis:
Gypsie Jane, Gypsie Jane,
and the poor mother lame;
had two daughters, Mary and Belle,
They were twins, but you could hardly tell;
Gypsie Jane was a pain,
to Belle's belief, she was a thief;
Sad to say, it was very true,
though she wasn't very blue.

Gypsy Jane by Karlie:
Gypsy Jane, Gypsy Jane,
And the mother who was so lame;
To Belle's belief, she was a theif,
And it was true.
To tell them apart, was easy to do,
Oh I forgot to tell about
the daughters who were so stout.
One was Belle and that's quite true.
The other was Maria.
Gypsy Jane, Gypsy Jane,
Who was a thief was quite a pain.
She stole a necklace sad but true.
But that she did it no one knew.
Until the end they still not knew,
But her skirt left a clue.
There is more I'd like to write.
But their family just had a fright.
This story is hard to end.  So I fear I must just say "The End!"


Susanna loves to talk and we have gotten a big kick out of the funny things she has said recently.  I asked Karlie to help me write them down so we could remember them and these are the ones we remembered:

"Be-out" = without... "It won't be as fun be-out Daddy!"
"pick-stick" = toothpick... "Nina, can I have a pick-stick for my fruit?"
"I'mawhipsticks" = math olympics... "Karis is staying at school for I'mawhipsticks!"
"Awyssa" = Alyssa... "Awyssa is so cute!"
"Pansie = onesie..."Mama, can I pick out a pansie for Awyssa?"
"Milking" = nursing... "Mama is milking the baby."
"Twinklwy" = wrinkly... "I don't want to take a bath because I get all twinklwy!"
"Alligator" = elevator... "Can we ride the alligator?"
"Froggie" = foggy... "I'm scared to play outside because it's so froggie."

"I like it when you spray me with bubble water because I get so poofy!"
"There's a bad sign that says 'NOT ALLOWED TO STAND IN CORNER!'"(When I told her to stand in the corner because she was unkind)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March happiness

One night when the girls were supposed to be getting ready for bed, we noticed that it had gotten quiet in the big girls' room.  Mark went to investigate and found them reading their Bibles together.  It makes our hearts so happy to see them enjoying God's Word!
 Grandma and Papa came to visit and the girls always enjoy listening to them read!

Abbi lost her first tooth!

Karlie was asked to play her recital piece at the school Open House reception.  She was very excited about it and did a great job!

Mama and Daddy took Alyssa to the church staff banquet and since she was dressed cute with bows in her hair, Karis wanted a picture with her.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February fun!

Abbi received an Anna costume for her birthday and Susanna enjoyed wearing it:

The girls received an awesome jungle gym for Christmas from Nina and Papa.  They had to wait until February to use it, however, because bad weather prevented Papa and Daddy from putting it together.  It was worth the wait, however, because they sure had fun climbing on it!

For Valentine's Day, Susanna helped me make a yummy pound cake with a heart on it

Abbi vacuumed the rug for the first time and was quite proud of herself :)

Abbi and Susanna dress up pretty much every day!

Alyssa was big enough for her "sit -me-up-chair" and was pretty amazed at her new perspective

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Alyssa's Third Month

Alyssa was such a happy baby and a good sleeper her third month!  She is starting to do a little better in the car, which is a huge relief.  She is so much more aware of everything and everyone and is very entertained by her sisters!  Her hair continues to stick straight up in the air which is so fun and amazes everyone who sees her.  Complete strangers comment on it and want to touch it.  The big sisters are so proud of her amazing hair and it is just so funny!

We call Alyssa our little "turtle" because she loves hanging out of my carrier until she gets tired and then "hides" her head and promptly falls asleep.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Running in the wind!

It was a cold and very windy day but Susanna kept begging to go outside.  I finally agreed and she and Karlie had a blast running and dancing in the wind!